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I'm Tusi.

I am a professional web developer,
and I concentrate on front-end most time.

Graduated from

University: China University of Mining and Technology, located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education. It is also a key university of the "211 Project", "985 Project Innovation Platform", "111 Project" and "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program". Additionally, It is the first batch of PhD and Master's degree-granting units in China, a member of High-level industry-specific university quality resource sharing alliance & World Energy University Alliance.

College & Department: College of Computer Science and Technology - Electronic Information Science and Technology


General Courses: Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, University Physics, English, Marxist Philosophy, etc.

Specialized Courses: Introduction to Information Science, Advanced Programming Language (C++), Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure, Computer Composition Principle, Operating System, Database Principle, Computer Network, Microcomputer Principle and Interface, Single-Chip Application Technology, Embedded Operating System, etc.


CET-4: Score 586

CET-6: Score 502

NCRE(Certificate for National Computer Rank Examination in China) Level 2 – Java


Association:Self-Improvement Association of CUMT

Post:Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department

Working Time:2013.06 - 2014.06

Social Activities:I actively participated in the organization and promotion of public welfare activities such as "Spreading Love Thousands of Miles", "Hostel of Love", "Beneficence 100", "Taobao Cloud Customer Service".

Director of Frontend Development | Hunan Cool Continent Network Technology Co., Ltd.
2019.04 - Now

Duties: I'm responsible for the frontend architecture and development of the company's flagship product "Cool Continent Intelligent Environmental Sanitation Cloud" that is a SaaS cloud platform that focuses on environmental sanitation industry and reduce cost and increase efficiency for sanitation operators. It provides services such as environmental sanitation visual supervision, personnel management, vehicle management, facility management, Iot devices management, alarm management, positioning & tracking, real-time monitoring, data analysis, fault diagnosis, fault early warning, auxiliary decision-making.

Team Leader of Frontend Development | Hunan Zhongjia Zhitong Information Technology Co., Ltd.
2018.04 - 2019.04

Duties: I undertake the frontend research and development of the company's core products, such as "Customs Security Inspection Online Comparison System", "Customs Security Inspection Supervision System" and "Professional Titles Evaluation System for Advanced Colleges".

Honors: excellent new employee award in 2018

Reserved MDE of Frontend Team | ChinaSoft International Technology Service Nanjing Co., Ltd.
2016.07 - 2018.04

Duties: I worked for CloudCore Department, and participated in the research and development of PC/EPG baseline version of Huawei Hybrid Video Solution V6 nearly 2 years. In this project, I was responsible for the development and maintenance of the core features of many modules, such as banner, on demand, live broadcast, playing detail pages, recording, playback history, my favorites, search, user preferences.

Excellent Graduate of Huawei Business Group of ChinaSoft International TPG Group in 2017
Efficiency Star Award at The CloudCore Quality Conference in 2017
Excellent Huawei Supplier Team Award in 2016

What I do

Customs Security Inspection Online Comparison System

This system realize customs information operation, such as package scans, judging x-ray images, open-package inspection, ERP.

Customs Security Inspection Supervision System

It realizes the visualized supervision of customs security inspection for the superior department.

Professional Titles Evaluation System for Advanced Colleges

To solve the problems of complicated offline evaluation and insufficient expert resources after the right of professional titles evaluation is transferred to advanced colleges.

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